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401K – A retirement plan that allows employees in private companies to make contributions of pre-tax dollars to a company pool that is then invested in stocks, bonds, or money markets.

403B - A retirement plan available to employees of qualifying non-profit organizations, featuring tax-deferred contributions and growth.

Profit Sharing - Compensation arrangement whereby employees receive additional pay or benefits when the company earns or increases profit.

SEP IRA - A retirement program for self-employed people or owners of small companies allowing them to defer taxes on investments intended for retirement.

Simple IRA - A tax-deferred retirement plan that may be used by a sole proprietor or offered by small business that doesn't contribute to any other retirement plan.

Individual 401K - Enables an employees to save money for retirement in a tax deferred manner.

457 Plans -Non-qualified deferred compensation plans of governmental employees and non church controlled tax exempt organizations. Employees are allowed to defer compensation on a pre-tax basis through payroll deductions.

412(i) Plans -The 412(i) plan (also known as a fully insured retirement plan), is a qualified defined benefit plan that allows for tax deductible contributions. The plan is funded with a combination of life insurance and annuity products as required by IRS regulations.

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